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Conscious Music Movement


*Where Transformation Begins* - Audio Alchemy Records

This release was an absolute honor and pleasure to complete. We submitted this track as part of a global compilation album and were selected to be the closing track of the release.

The theme for this compilation album is the first step in the alchemy process... Calcination. For us, 2017 was absolutely a Calcination year. A year of releasing what no longer served us, about burning away our egos and committing to the path that our souls know is right for us. Physically, calcination is the reduction of the prima materia (matter that you begin with) by means of fire. We summoned the smouldering, burning aspects of fires and flames as much as we could for this track. We also incorporated as many of the calcination correspondences as we could.... This is how we picked the key for the track ( G harmonic minor), the tempo ( 90 bpm) and much more. We are super excited to be a part of this multi-national release featuring so many talented producers from all over the globe. Enjoy!


The Story

Created over 4+ years of alchemical growth and development, Become to Know is a journey through our different realizations, struggles, emotions and experiences as we became one with our music-making identities for the first time. Like a seed growing into a tree, the only way it will ever know the heights achieve is to reach towards them.  Above all else, the purpose of this first release is self-discovery and healing. We hope that you will feel its power and presence and the way it has shifted our life and our thinking while enhancing our capacity to love and create. Enjoy in your ear buds, in your car, or best yet, come see us at a show! The full sensory communal healing spaces are like no other on the planet!  ******FREE DOWNLOAD, 10% of every donation to the music goes to building Eco-Brick Bottle Schools in Guatemala!*******

With Love and Gratitude,

Anthony + Rachel

Special thanks to our collaborators, Dylan James (@eluxirmusic), Andrew Ininns (@aidisimusic), and Gustavo A. González.