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This is a conscious music movement. This full on sensory musical experince is intended to lift the body, mind and soul of anyone whose ears it falls upon. Have a listen, the bigger the system the better. Best yet, come see us at a show! 

Makin' Whoopee

Delicious organic eats, locally sourced when possible, Makin' Whoopee is perfect for any time of day! We specialize in single day events and catering. Just the right amount to fill you all the way up, and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Live Events

The live events are like no other. We intentioally create safe, sacred spaces and bring all the energy and technology to create beautiful spiritual play grounds. Come dance, dine and heal with us.


Healing is a very important aspect of music. Here we incorporate meditation, energy healing and yoga into our shows and events. By healing ourselves we in turn help to heal the planet.

Production rental/lighting design services

Looking for freelance lighting design? Looking to up the level of your production? Drop us a line, we're here to help lift the community as a whole to higher levels of human experience through light and sound.


Follow your heART.

Lighting design  |  surprisinglysimple



SurprisinglySimple and Makin' Whoopee bring energetically conscious events to the world by creating safe and beautiful spaces for people to connect, co-create, cultivate and contribute. The intention is to create a healing environment for personal internal growth and global external evolution. 


Core Objectives

Although the scope of these projects is cosmic in size, SurprisinglySimple and Makin' Whoopee operate under a few core values and objectives. We've noticed that our goals originated within our truest selves and have expanded from there to a global web of experiential consciousness. We are all just energy at the core anyways. 


Be a driving force for healing, positivity, growth, gratitude and development in the local and global communities of the world. Love and inspired action create the largest impact. 


Use music as a bridge to connect and heal together. Music has a most powerful capacity for conscious and subconscious awakening. 


Create communal spaces where all humans can gather, break bread together and feel safe, loved and appreciated for their talents, individualism and beauty. 


Provide captivating visual stage appeal through highly advanced lighting design techniques while seamlessly matching to the harmony, melody and rhythm of the music.


Let Passion Create Purpose 



An idea come to life. A symbol, a meaning born from light. Follow your heart, and let spirit ignite your life! Born out of a love for both music and lighting, SurprisinglySimple started in a dorm room basement in Boulder, Colorado in 2010. The driving force behind SurprisinglySimple is to follow your heart and life will unfold in the most beautiful of ways. In an information and technology age, anything is possible. If you have a dream for how you want something done, through passion and pursuit, that dream will become SurprisinglySimple.


SurprisinglySimple started because Anthony Gibbs wanted to see better stage lighting design at shows. Anthony was a Lighting Engineering student at the University of Colorado at the time, and he understood that lighting is not only an Art but also a Science. Light is simply a very small section of the electromagnetic spectrum, from which music also resides. With Anthony and his partner Rachel McGehee's musical background, they came to the conclusion that they could light their own show, and play their own music vs. lighting another band.


Thus the pursuit into the stage lighting and music production world began. Today, the combination of deeply layered, multi tempo music, live instrumentation and vocals, matched with intentional and professional lighting cues creates waves of inspiration, emotion and positive change. The main purpose of this music is for healing, for both the performers and the audience.


SurprisinglySimple harnesses the creative power of todays technology, using music and lighting as a means to spread a larger, more impactful message. They create a space where action on both a personal internal level and a community external level can better the world.


Music is donation based, and 10% of all donations to the music will go to funding eco-brick bottle schools for children in Guatemala!


Want to see how we're making our impact GLOBAL?